Write a letter, and relax

Americans send 2.5 billion emails each year. We check our email, on average, about 36 times per hour. That averages once every 1.5 minutes. No wonder we feel wiped out all the time. Too much information, too fast.

Slow down.qeletter

Give someone the gift of your attention. Get out the paper, and write a letter – using a pen and the handwriting style that is uniquely yours. No one else has a “font” quite like yours.

I occasionally sit at my desk and write notes of appreciation, encouragement, and congratulations to my friends and colleagues. They often email me or call to say how much they appreciate the special effort to write a personal note.

Special effort.

We used to write letters by hand, as a means of normal communication. Now it is the exception tot he rule. So much so that when we do write something by hand, it draws special attention from the recipient.

So write a letter, put a stamp on it. Pick out a fancy stamp that you like. Walk down to the mailbox on the street corner, and drop the letter through the thin slot on the big blue mailbox. Or walk down to the mailbox on its post at the end of your driveway, open the door slide the letter in, and raise the red flag.

During the exercise of writing thgez4d1aothe letter, addressing the envelope, sealing the letter and affixing a postage stamp, and delivering said letter to the mailbox, DO NOT check your smart phone for email. The handwritten letter is the gift you give someone else. The respite from your smart phone during the time it took to write and mail the letter is your gift to you.